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Join us Virtually or In-Person
Sundays @ 10:30 AM

“We are powerful.”​


God who has all power has given us dominion over all creation.  We have not only the authority but also the responsibility to be good stewards over God's creation.  That charge extends to God's people. Take time to tend and keep our global garden. Sow good seed into fertile soil and watch the harvest manifest.

Seeking Christ

Allen Temple is committed to seeking Christ through study, in worship, and concerning justice.  Our commitment is to grow in the knowledge of Christ so that we might serve the present age toward emotional, physical intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual empowerment through teaching and missions.

Showing Compassion

Allen Temple is committed to showing compassion to all people.  Our commitment is to demonstrate love to all just as Christ has done for us.

Serving the Community

Allen Temple is committed to serving the people of our growing community.  Our commitment is to meet the needs of all people so that they might grow to do likewise for others.

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