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Christian Debutante-Master Commission (CDMC)

The purpose of the Christian Debutante-Master Commission (CDMC) is to provide guidance and information as to relevant study of fieldwork activities, program suggestions, liturgical requirements and all other details. It shall also study the supplies needed for the preparation and presentation of a unified, coordinated program on the Connectional, Episcopal District, Annual Conference, Presiding Elder District, and Local Church.


CDMC Dedication Ceremony

The Christian Debutante-Master Dedication Ceremony is an official activity under the auspices of the Debutante-Master Commission. It is a solemn religious service that celebrates A.M.E. youth in their period of transition to their new adult status in the church.

The Debutante-Master Dedication Ceremony is showcased in a grand culminating activity or "Rite of Passage." A rite of passage is a ceremony in some cultures marking the passing to another, more advanced stage. This event in a person's life is regarded as having ceremonial significance. The entire passage from beginning to end shall be orchestrated by adults whose responsibility is to facilitate the introduction of these young people to the church world.

The A.M.E. Debutante-Master Dedication Ceremony allows young people, ages five to eighteen to celebrate their Christian journey. Graduating Seniors are celebrated as the Debutante and Masters completing their youthful Christian journey to begin their adult experience. Youth are introduced, in a rite of passage to the church society and to dedicate their lives to further or greater Christian service.

The Debutante-Master Dedication Ceremony is an official programmed activity on the Sunday afternoon of every regular Annual Conference in the Sixth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

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